What EBS customers are saying


“EBS did an excellent job on the Downtown East Development Wells Fargo Towers project. I was impressed with how smoothly everything ran and how easy the EBS team was to work with. I appreciate how the EBS group worked with all trades and field staff as a team. The flexibility reporting to the site, even on short notice, was a tremendous help. I look forward to working with EBS again.
– Bryce Hotzler, Project Manager, Ryan Companies

“Your PM has been doing a great job installing the air barrier at the Kraus Anderson office building project. I was initially a bit concerned about how the chosen product would work, but your PM has been doing an awesome job in our preconstruction meetings, paying attention to detail, and engaging the manufacturer to inspect the work. Thank you for sending your best!”
– Ryan Klick, Project Manager, Kraus Anderson

“EBS is more like a partner than just another subcontractor —they do excellent work, they are very responsive, and they never cause me any hassles whatsoever. They haven’t disappointed me yet – not even on projects that I thought were going to be really difficult. I recommend them highly.”
– Brent Marlow, Project Manager, JE Dunn

“EBS has been an excellent subcontractor on the CCLRT Civil East project, providing quality service with a professional “can-do” attitude.  Their attention to detail was excellent and they proactively anticipated my needs, even completing the punch list before asked. My standards are high, EBS exceeded them, I would have them work on any of my projects.”
– Dale Schafer , Project Superintendent, Adolfson & Peterson Construction

“When I’m dealing with problems on a job, I can’t get other, more critical things done. That’s why I like working with EBS – they don’t cause me problems, they do what they say they’re going do, they do it well and they get it done when I need it. They make my job easier and they are good people to work with.”
– John Upson, Vice President, Gresser Companies

“Quality, honesty, integrity, and timeliness are attributes we value highly. EBS has consistently demonstrated all of these, and that’s why we’ve be working with them since our inception in 1997.”
– Jack Gray, President, Summit Concrete & Masonry, Inc.

“In the 20 years we have been doing business with EBS, they’ve done a great job for us and have always been a pleasure to work with.”
– Tom Parenteau, Vice President, Hollenback & Nelson, Inc.

“I was amazed by how well EBS was able to solve a severe graffiti problem that we had at one of our sites, especially when others had been unable to correct the problem. Every time I’m out visiting that facility, I’m simply amazed that EBS was able to restore its look and finish. In the event we get vandalized again, I will definitely use EBS again.”
– Ed MacHolda, Assistant Director, Park & Recreation Department, City of Edina

“I like working with EBS because they do a nice job, they come in when I need them, and if there are any issues, they take care of them – no whining, no sniveling.”
– Ron Smith, Job Supervisor, BTS Construction, LLC