Air Barriers

Credit: Photo: Tiffany Daniels/Mortenson Construction, Courtesy of SMG & U.S. Bank Stadium.

Experts in Air Barrier Installation

Exterior Building Services (EBS) is the premier installer of air barriers in the Upper Midwest, and has the training, experience, and expertise to ensure that your air barrier is always installed properly.

Buildings equipped with modern air/vapor barriers have significant advantages in their overall performance: energy efficiency, indoor air quality, and lifespan.

Repair costs for an improperly installed air barrier can be as much as 60 times the original investment — it is critical that the job is done right, the first time.

EBS is an accredited Air Barrier Association of American (ABAA) installer and by meeting the highest standards of quality and professionalism, EBS has earned the ABAA’s Excellence Award for exceptional air barrier installation. EBS was one of five contractors nationwide selected for this honor.



Fluid-applied membrane is designed to be rolled or sprayed onto exterior above-grade wall assemblies to mitigate air infiltration/exfiltration and water penetration while remaining permeable to the passage of water vapor.

Fully-Adhered Sheet Membrane

Sheet membranes are strong, durable and remain flexible, even in cold temperatures. Membranes can be installed on virtually all substrates; gypsum, plywood, extruded/molded polystyrene insulation, concrete block, and mineral wool.

Permeable & Impermeable

Using an air barrier is necessary to control air leaks. Air barriers are generally divided into two categories: permeable and non-permeable.

Permeable membranes stop air but allow vapor to move within the wall assembly.

Non-permeable membranes control the movement of moisture by diffusing vapor which prevents it from moving through the wall system.