Waterproofing Experts in the Upper Midwest

Waterproofing isn’t the most glamorous part of a construction project. It’s usually not even visible once the job is completed. But getting it done right is absolutely essential to the overall success of the project.

Water intrusion contributes to more structural problems than any other natural element. Water can find its way into buildings through the smallest cracks or openings, causing extensive damage. Leakage is not limited to “old” buildings – too many newly completed structures fall victim to leakage due to improper installation. The single biggest cause of waterproofing failure is workmanship. When selecting a contractor to waterproof your project, it is critical to choose one with a deep understanding of a variety of systems, extensive experience in a specific climate, and a proven track record.

Exterior Building Services (EBS), an industry leader in commercial waterproofing, is such a contractor. We provide waterproofing for both new and existing structures and have extensive experience with a wide variety of waterproofing systems. Providing successful solutions to waterproofing challenges has been a driving force behind EBS’ success in the waterproofing market. Our highly experienced and certified crews have a proven track record of successful installations.



Cold fluid-applied waterproofing products are an ideal solution for applications where complete coverage with a sheet membrane is impractical. These fluid membranes can be either single or plural component or they can be two coated and reinforced membranes. 

Fluid membranes can be applied with by spray, roller, squeegee or trowel to ensure total coverage. These products are suitable for both horizontal and vertical commercial applications.


Sheet membrane systems are reliable and durable thermoplastic waterproofing solutions that can fulfill the requirements of even the most demanding below-ground structures, including those exposed to highly aggressive ground conditions and stress.

Popular in high stress and exposure settings, sheet-applied membranes withstand extreme forces, water pressure, and deter aggressive groundwater with chemical contaminants.

Bentonite Clay Membrane

Bentonite clay waterproofing membranes feature a layer of sodium bentonite clay sandwiched between a puncture-resistant, nonwoven HDPE fabric and a high-tensile strength woven polypropylene fabric.

It is designed for waterproofing below-grade structural slabs as well as construction methods incorporating lagging, concrete caisson or shotcrete retention walls. It is also very effective in rehab waterproofing and zero clearance property line construction.