Unwavering Commitment to Safety

Safety is everyone’s job at EBS. Our safety program is much more than just an OSHA manual. Safety is an integral part of our culture which is practiced every day, on every job. We try to plan for every potential safety hazard and we employ safety measures to prevent them. We have also developed work processes that promote safe work practices to prevent injuries and promote excellent work. Our efforts help us maintain a safe work environment for our crews, as well as those who work around us.

Our management team understands that having a culture of safety is critical to safety success – that’s why we focus on safety in everything we do. Through communication, careful planning, training, and company-wide involvement, we have achieved effective project delivery while maintaining a safe work environment for the entire project team.

Safety is not a program, it’s a culture

Our Safety Plan Includes:

  • Site-specific safety plans
  • Pre-project kickoff & hazard analysis
  • Daily onsite pre-task safety analysis & inspections
  • Proactive drug screening program
  • Weekly Tool Box talks
  • Weekly Zero Injury Program (“ZIP”) Safety Tips
  • Internal Safety Review Committee
  • Thorough hazard prevention training classes
  • CPR & first aid training for all crews
  • Minimum OSHA 10 for crews & OSHA 30 for Sups
  • Annual all-hands safety meetings
  • Comprehensive Safety Manual
  • Progressive discipline program
  • AGC Safety & Health Committee Participation