Commercial Fireproofing Solutions

A quality fire protection system is critical to a buildings integrity. Incorporating passive fire protection ensures your building will be safer and gives you peace of mind. Our fireproofing teams bring years of experience installing all types of fireproofing and fire-resistive materials. 

EBS is a leader in fireproofing and acoustical insulation. We offer fireproofing services for commercial, industrial, and institutional buildings in Minnesota and across the Upper Midwest. Our quality service and products and our ability to deliver on time and budget have earned us the reputation as a leader in the fireproofing industry. We use the best and most reliable materials available, and our technicians are trained in industry best practices, application processes and current regulations. Our work with contractors and individuals is always expertly managed by our staff to ensure quality workmanship and timely communication every step of the way.


Build-Design Planning

Whether you’re looking for immediate spray fireproofing or just starting the planning phase for your next project, we have an extremely experienced workforce in place to finish the job to your exacting standards. 

Cementitious Fireproofing

Cementitious or wet mix fireproofing is mixed with water and pumped under pressure through hoses to a nozzle where air is introduced. The wet slurry is then broadcast onto structural steel surfaces. The inherent fire resistive mechanism of products is the release of water, in the form of steam, when exposed to elevated temperatures. Products are available in standard, medium and high density for use indoors and on building exteriors.

Intumescent Fireproofing

When exposed to extreme heat, nearly all materials lose their structural strength. Fire proofing coatings help both supporting and statically loaded structures to maintain their integrity longer. The application of intumescent fire stopping coatings is a sophisticated process, requiring experienced staff and special equipment.

Fireproofing Projects